Sunday, October 20, 2013

Preparing for Halloween

This weekend started out with Fall Festival at school on Friday night. It's sad how as time goes on, naturally my kids don't enjoy it like they used to. They get stressed out by the little crazy ones running around. I hate to admit it but they're definitely getting too old for it. David did play some games and I FINALLY got them both to go in the Haunted Hallway! Only took 8 years ;-) They liked it, although it was a little creepier than I thought it would be considering the age group of the kids going in it. For tonight's event, Sam dressed as a hockey player (since her real Halloween costume isn't finished yet) and David was TMNT's Leonardo. That big full moon was a nice background touch for these photos when we got home...

Saturday we set out to try and find the rest of the things my daughter needs for her Halloween costume. She's planning to be a "Night Fury Trainer", like Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon. Very cool. The shopping was easier than I thought it would be and we got everything she needs. My husband ordered a furry, Viking-ish vest for her online a few weeks ago and so far the darn thing isn't here. We paid for expedited shipping only to find out the other day that it was shipped standard post. It probably won't get here until a couple of days before Halloween. At this point I'll be happy if it comes at all... :-/

We spent some extra time enjoying the creepy, gruesome sights at Party City. 
(Check out the body parts all packaged up with nutritional information and all.... Yum)

Today the kids enjoyed the mild, fall weather with some driveway hockey. They had friends over to play too but after a while it was just the two of them playing. They are both really good and entertaining (but I am wimpy and it was cold so I didn't stay out there too long to watch them). I love that they still do this together. Thank goodness someone in this town knows how to play hockey and score some goals this season!!


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