Friday, October 11, 2013

Dreamy Dinner

So my husband told me earlier this week that he was going to be making a special dinner this Friday. A nice, proper, 5 course meal...(wow!) He didn't want me or the kids to know anything more than that - he really wanted it to be a surprise. I had my hopes of what it would be. (I've been dying for some kind of slow-cooked meal for a long time now!)

Throughout the day today while I was at work, he kept texting me teaser updates...
I really couldn't conclude much from these pics...although I could make out maraschino cherries, red wine vinegar and some kind of MEAT in the lower right picture. YUM!!! My stomach growled all day.

And this is what I came home to....
The table was set beautifully with our nice China which was given to us by my in-laws but we have never used before. I can't even explain how beautiful the pieces are.

He made the centerpiece pretty is this?

"Princess" folded napkins {which he folded himself. Fancy-schmancy}

The entree... French Onion Beef over Garlic Mashed Potatoes. 

Good Lord. It was AMAZING. It was melt-in-your-mouth amazing.
You can find the recipe here (or by clicking on the photo above)

The dessert -- chocolate and cookie & cream layered pudding with a maraschino cherry on top :)
I think I gained ten pounds tonight, but I don't care.
He also served a fruit plate (course 1), french onion soup (course 2) and salad (course 3). I didn't get photos of those, I was too busy enjoying being with everyone and trying not to drool over the amazing smell of what I hoped was some kind of beef cooking behind me in the kitchen :)

This dinner was the most thoughtful thing my husband has done for me - possibly ever.
And he's always thoughtful.

(that's my little boy in the background)
I always know I'm lucky to have such a loving husband, but this gesture meant a lot to me and I hope he knows how much I love and appreciate him. {Sorry to brag - can you blame me??}

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