Friday, September 27, 2013

My Musical Minions

Sorry but it's time for me to brag like a proud, proud Mama again. My Samantha placed first chair in her clarinet section for Concert Band! She had seating auditions last week and was very surprised to learn she had moved up three chairs to the top spot in her section. She was just aiming/hoping to stay in second clarinet. So this is huge for her. She is flattered and proud of herself but is very nervous about being first in the row, right there in front of the audience. But she'll do great. She has improved immensely and it's wonderful to know her band teacher sees that too. And to think I wanted to let her quit in 6th grade because she was stressed about all the practicing she had to do...psssh. What was I thinking? 

And David started drum lessons this week. Words can't describe how excited I am about this. I. Love. Drums. I grew up listening to my Uncle Tommy play the drums in his band, and my Dad was a drummer too in his younger days. Nothing beats the sound of drums. No pun intended. So in a few years, maybe we'll go on tour with our family band. Sammi on clarinet, David on drums, my husband on guitar...and me.... in the audience with a video camera. Just like I like it ❤️

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