Saturday, September 28, 2013

Making It Count

Today was beautiful. Not just the weather. I had a blast with my kids. We went bike riding (for the first time in I don't know how long), played at the playground (again - it's been ages), took Layla for a walk to meet the dog that we all call Greg Heffley for fun because we don't know its real name... now we know - her name is Lacey. That's pretty but we'll probably still call her Greg Heffley :) I'm proud of our day together. Even though I'm home on the weekends and I spend 99% of my time with the kids, sometimes I don't feel like I do enough to make it count. I love our lazy weekends when we do nothing, but on those Sunday nights I usually end up feeling like I should've done more with them, to engage them and really interact with them. I know I won't feel like that this Sunday night. We had so much fun.

Oh and we also "saved a cicada" from the grass when it fell out of the tree. David is convinced it was stuck in the grass, I think it was just resting ;) Either way, it was cool to see one close up...before it flew away and scared the crap out of us...

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