Saturday, September 28, 2013

Making It Count

Today was beautiful. Not just the weather. I had a blast with my kids. We went bike riding (for the first time in I don't know how long), played at the playground (again - it's been ages), took Layla for a walk to meet the dog that we all call Greg Heffley for fun because we don't know its real name... now we know - her name is Lacey. That's pretty but we'll probably still call her Greg Heffley :) I'm proud of our day together. Even though I'm home on the weekends and I spend 99% of my time with the kids, sometimes I don't feel like I do enough to make it count. I love our lazy weekends when we do nothing, but on those Sunday nights I usually end up feeling like I should've done more with them, to engage them and really interact with them. I know I won't feel like that this Sunday night. We had so much fun.

Oh and we also "saved a cicada" from the grass when it fell out of the tree. David is convinced it was stuck in the grass, I think it was just resting ;) Either way, it was cool to see one close up...before it flew away and scared the crap out of us...

Friday, September 27, 2013

My Musical Minions

Sorry but it's time for me to brag like a proud, proud Mama again. My Samantha placed first chair in her clarinet section for Concert Band! She had seating auditions last week and was very surprised to learn she had moved up three chairs to the top spot in her section. She was just aiming/hoping to stay in second clarinet. So this is huge for her. She is flattered and proud of herself but is very nervous about being first in the row, right there in front of the audience. But she'll do great. She has improved immensely and it's wonderful to know her band teacher sees that too. And to think I wanted to let her quit in 6th grade because she was stressed about all the practicing she had to do...psssh. What was I thinking? 

And David started drum lessons this week. Words can't describe how excited I am about this. I. Love. Drums. I grew up listening to my Uncle Tommy play the drums in his band, and my Dad was a drummer too in his younger days. Nothing beats the sound of drums. No pun intended. So in a few years, maybe we'll go on tour with our family band. Sammi on clarinet, David on drums, my husband on guitar...and me.... in the audience with a video camera. Just like I like it ❤️

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

101 Things - #3

 Question #3. What are 10 things that you are great at?

1) Remembering things. My memory is practically photographic and I can remember things like dates, names and details of conversations almost word for word (although my husband would probably disagree ;)

2) My job. I know it, I love it and I do find it rewarding...even though I bitch about it.... every. single. day.

3) Photography. At least I think so... I have a long way to go but I've definitely improved a lot over the past few years.

Spelling :) And remembering when to use their, there or they're.

Selling on eBay -- when I dedicate myself to it. But it gets exhausting.

Treating people with respect. Whether they return it or not - I think my job has taught me the most about this. Never judge a book by its cover.

Giving advice...and listening when a friend needs me.

Being lazy. I could win a medal for that.

Designing website layouts... I've even gotten good at reading some html. Nothing too fancy-schmancy though.

and last but not least...

10) Being a Mom. I adore my children to pieces and I am happy to say I think they know that beyond the shadow of a doubt 

101 Things Project

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Relaxing, Rainy Weekend...

This weekend started out perfectly -- cold and rainy, no plans on the calendar. My absolute favorite (no, seriously). I love cozy, fall days. My little boy crept into my room and woke me up at 7am, which normally I wouldn't be completely thrilled about on a Saturday... but I could tell it was gonna be a "lazy day", and I couldn't wait for it to get started. It rained and rained all day long, some areas around us had record rainfall and flooding. But we just relaxed and enjoyed being home together. Then today it was time to finally take all of our unsold yard sale things to Goodwill. My husband loaded up the car (it was completely full) and off I went. I hope all of it will be needed by someone somewhere. I have a thing about throwing things away that could be of use to someone else. I absolutely hate it. And it's been very hard for me to part with certain things from my kids' early childhood...but it was time. Very much past time. Even my son's baby swing is gone now -- that was a tough one for me. But we sold it at the yard sale to a couple who is expecting, so that made me very happy. I know - I'm pretty much a crazy lady.

My daughter set up a blog of her own this weekend (not sure if I'm going to link to it or not yet). It's adorable and she is very excited about it. Kind of a big step...mostly for me. She isn't allowed to have a Facebook just yet. Not sure when that will happen, actually... A lot of her classmates have FB, but most of her actual friends do not. So that helps my case. Social media and teens is just a recipe for disaster, in my opinion. Her little blog is good enough social media for now... and she knows all about being cautious. She is such a great little writer, I'm looking forward to reading what she comes up with. Also, my son uploaded some of his funny little videos to YouTube....which is scarier to me than my daughter having a blog. But his account will be closely monitored by my husband and I. Most of his videos are of drawings he has put together to kind of make them into a cartoon... they are super cute and he's really proud of them. But since YouTube can be a snake pit, he will never be doing anything on there alone. Not yet at least... I know someday I will have to back off and let my kids discover the world for themselves. But with the way the world is these days, that's not happening anytime soon. Especially not when the internet is involved...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Same Old Story...

So I've been at this blogging thing for 8+ years now...on and off. Sorta crazy. Kind of a love/hate thing. I go for a while, I stop for a while. No matter how long break for, it's always in the back of my mind. I guess sometimes I just get discouraged and am leery about sharing my personal thoughts on things. But every year at the start of fall I feel inspired to blog again. So here I am... Summer went by fast, we visited with family who came in from out of town, went to Darien Lake a bunch of times, my little girl became a teenager.....(sigh)............... and I watched, loved and HATED Big Brother 15... oh Lord I could go on and on about those vile people. But I'll save it for another time. September came quickly and the kids are back in son is now in 4th grade and my daughter in 8th. That's right - I have a teenager in 8th grade. Feels like just yesterday I was dreading her entering Middle School and now she's almost finished with it. And she LOVES it. She has all along. Thank God. I never would've expected that... Middle School is a tough experience for most kids. But then again she's not like most kids. Neither of my kids are ❤ And I mean in nothing but a positive way...

So it seems, my lovely blog and followers, no matter how long I am gone from you, I just can't stay away for good. I hope some of you are still there! I have lots more catching up to do... same old story.