Sunday, March 24, 2013

Super Lazy Weekend

I love lazy weekends...
They allow time for great things to happen - like this sketch by my daughter...
{While looking at a photo, she drew the exact replica} She is amazing. My husband tweeted a pic of it to the Buffalo Sabres and some of the local media. She felt so proud when one of the Sabres announcers commented on it and said it was awesome :)

Also happening this parents went out and got a kitten. I knew they would. They really wanted to get one before Daisy died, and now that their one remaining kitty was alone, I knew it would happen pretty quickly...isn't he adorable?????
3/23/13Day 82/365Meet my Mom & Dad's new kitten...Tommy ♥
His name is Tommy, named after my Uncle, who also had blue eyes.
(also, my Mom said she always hoped my sister or I would name one of our sons Tommy...but she has now given up on that idea and so she chose it for her new kitten. Makes sense to me :)

Besides all that, the Sabres played and WON (3 games in a row is a big deal for us right now!) and we relaxed, my son made some googley-eye friends, we played some Hungry Hungry Hippos, and just enjoyed not having anything we HAD to do. Oh, and I did some re-designing of my blog as you might notice. I heart iScrapbook. Hope you had a nice weekend too!

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