Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wide Awake

I should be sleeping, I have to get up for work in less than five hours. But I’m not even tired. I’m gonna hate myself in the morning. Today was the longest day I think I ever had at work. I hate it when it’s slow…it makes it feel like I am sitting there for an eternity. Watching Halloween 4 now. Watched Halloween before this. Maybe that has something to do with why I’m not sleeping yet…?? My son came walking into the room at a really bad part of the movie a little while ago (when the chick gets strangled in the car in the garage) and I tried to steer him out of sight and earshot of the tv as fast as I could. But something tells me he will be up with nightmares later on :-( My kids cannot watch stuff like this yet. It’s amazing to me to think that by the time I was their age, I was watching stuff like Child’s Play, The Gate, Fright Night, Halloween…TONS of scary movies…and I was fine! I loved that stuff. But my kids get scared just being at Party City and seeing the creepy costumes. They are my sweet, sensitive babies. Even so - this year for Halloween, my daughter will be dressing up as a werewolf, and my son picked out a bloody skeleton costume. Go figure…

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