Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spectacular Dragons

As soon as I heard that How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular was actually coming to Buffalo {which completely surprised me, by the way! Nothing comes to Buffalo}, I was determined to get tickets for my kids, no matter what I had to do or how much I had to pay...{thankfully the tickets weren't ridiculously expensive}. My kids adore that movie - and truth be told - so do I. I like a lot of kid movies, but there's something about HTTYD that puts it in a class of its own -- it's different and deeper than most kids movies. The unconditional friendship that Toothless and Hiccup have is amazing and the movie sends a few important messages to kids {and adults} - one of the biggest ones being that staying true to yourself is SO very important.

So we went to the show on September 22nd, and it was amazing. The effects were incredible, the dragons were breathtakingly detailed, the beautiful music was right out of the movie... I had tears in my eyes at times -- mostly because my kids were so crazy happy to be there. They each hugged and thanked us about a dozen times for taking them to see it. And they each got to pick out a couple souvenirs from the show. 
I am beyond thrilled that we were able to give them this simple gift of being there. My daughter especially -- anyone who knows her knows how much she adores the character of Toothless the dragon and his sweet but powerful nature. I'll have to share some of the amazing sketches she has done of him. My son has too.

So if the live show is coming to a town near you - I highly recommend that you take your children to see it. It IS a spectacular show like nothing they have seen before, or will ever see again. If you have the chance, don't miss it.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Falling back into things

Get it? Falling back into things? Ha, I'm so clever I know. Yeah not really. Anyway, wow I have been absent for quite some time...this was such a busy summer, blogging kind of went to the way back burner. But something about the fall makes me want to blog again. I realized the other day that happens every year! There must be something inspirational in all the beautiful fall colors and the cool, crisp weather as the holidays approach {I consider Halloween one of those holidays}. This weekend I just might put up some Halloween decorations...or maybe make some with the kids. Or maybe I'll try one of the many organization projects I have pinned on Pinterest. HA. No really I do want to...I have to. I'm aiming for that.

And now for some Pinteresting fall inspiration...