Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Curse of the Pool...s

Well it's summertime. And it's unbearably hot in Buffalo again. Yes, hey -- it gets hot in Buffalo. And snowless. In fact, we didn't even have a winter this past year! it's hot. And what better way is there to cool off than taking a dip in a nice, cold pool? Well, we have serious pool issues in this family. Ever since the kids outgrew their awesome, nearly indestructible, hard shell plastic pool a few years ago: 

.....we have had to settle for these inflatable, ultra-delicate, don't-even-look-at-me-or-breathe-on-me-because-you-are-going-to-pop-me-pools...

...and every summer, we destroy them, without fail. It's kinda getting a little ridiculous. We have gone through four inflatable pools in the past YEAR. I don't know what is wrong with us. We are soooo careful now! I thought we learned our lesson after the first time...or, ok maybe the second time. And it's not the kids who are responsible for the poppings -- it's me & my husband. We cannot be trusted around the pools. We just bought that nice, big one above at Target about two weeks ago. It was the last one on the shelf -- and we were thankful....aaand then today we had a monsoon....aaaand it blew around the yard. Aaand there is a nice hole in the bottom now. A stupid, sad hole. The kids don't know yet. They are going to be so disappointed in us when they find out.


  1. Hi I am following you from Mom's Best Nest Hop and really like your blog. as for the pool, faced with the same problem, I just used what I got my hands on. They enjoy it anyway.
    Hope you can follow back and I am looking forward to your next post.

  2. Oh my goodness, those things are ridiculously hard to keep from bursting, I feel your pain! Loved this post, you're so funny haha :) Also, I really love your 'About Me' section- there are too many people trying to pass for perfect, it gets irritating. I like that you're real. :)


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