Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Well hello, Summer!

Today was my son's last day of 2nd grade. My daughter's last exam is tomorrow. I can't believe yet another school year has come and gone. I was so very terrified of my little girl going to Middle School, and so far -- SO FAR -- it hasn't been that bad. She has definitely grown up a lot this year, but she is still absolutely wonderful. Thank God! After tomorrow, she will have reached the milestone of surviving 6th grade. In fact, one of her bffs is throwing an "I survived 6th grade" party next weekend! I thought that was such a cool idea. My son is super happy to be on vacation, but all he talked about tonight was how much he was going to miss his teacher. He is such a sweet boy. So this summer will be full of day trips with Daddy (while I'm at work :-( ), amusement parks, playing in the sprinkler (and the pool IF we get another one to replace the two I popped last year!)...just relaxing, relaxing, relaxing...... OH and then there's my trip to D.C. next month with my daughter and her Girl Scout troop!!!!!! Holy crap we are all so excited for this trip! If all goes as planned, we will be having tea with the First Lady. Yeah. How amazing is that?! My camera is going to get quite the workout!

So....once again, happy summer vacation to all!!
Enjoy it while it lasts, because we all know it goes by WAY too fast!

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