Monday, June 25, 2012

Early to Bed or Early to Rise?

That is the question...
I don't like making my kids go to bed on time during summer vacation. I like them to be able to stay up and have fun, late summer nights. (Not TOO late. Well not every day at least :-)...) My hubby, however, likes them to get to bed as close to on-time as possible (meaning school night bedtimes) so that they can get up early the next morning and have a long summer day. I get that, and I do really like that idea. But I also feel so cruel waking my kids up at 7am during summer vacation... this issue has been a bone of contention between him and I for a few summers now and it's been a bit of a struggle every year.
So I'm just wondering, what do all of you other mommies and daddies do?

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