Wednesday, June 27, 2012

12 Years of Mommyhood

My sweet baby girl, Samantha Nicole, is 12 years old today.
I am such a proud mama.
I'm a little emotional over this birthday...not sure why.
Maybe because it's the last one before the teen years...?
I feel like this little baby bundle grew up in the blink of an eye.....
June 27th, 2000
7lbs. 2 oz., 21 inches long
Red hair, Blue eyes...both of those surprised me!

1 Year Old ~ with Mommy

2 Years Old~ with Nana

3 Years Old!

4 Years Old

5 Years Old

6 Years Old

7 Years Old

8 Years Old

9 Years Old

10 Years Old

11 Years Old

12 Wonderful Years Old!!!
I love you SO much, Sammi Pooh!!!


  1. Our children really do grow up quick. I found the 12th birthday to be more emotional for me for my oldest daughter too. She actually turns 14 in July. It never fails to amaze me how quickly time flies.

  2. aww..Happy Birthday to your daughter :).

    My daughter is 11 and it seems like she is growing up way too fast. It seems like just yesterday she was in diapers and now she wants to wear makeup....


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