Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thanks to NieNie

I know I'm not alone on this when I say - Stephanie Nielson is amazing. She is just the most inspirational woman and I just adore her blog, NieNie Dialogues. (If you haven't heard her story yet, get on over there and learn a little about what genuine strength and courage is). I look forward to reading her posts every day and I so admire her vitality and positive outlook on life after everything she has been through.

Anyway - I realized something tonight. Whenever I feel down on blogging and discouraged in my writing capabilities, I take a little visit to NieNie's blog and before long I am renewed. Now wait - I know that sounds really bad, but I do not mean that as a put-down to her. Just the opposite, actually. To sum it up - NieNie is genuine. I love that and I love that quality in blogging. If you go into the archives of her blog, you will see that she has been writing for a long, long time. Since long before her accident. And although she is immensely popular and well-known in the blogosphere now, it wasn't always that way. Yet she still wrote. Even though maybe nobody would read it, it didn't make a difference to her. She still posted about what mattered to HER. She posted from the heart. That is what blogging is about - finding what matters to you in this world, voicing your opinions, being yourself. It's ok to just say what YOU want to say, no matter how short or long. Blog for yourself, not for everyone else. Stephanie Nielson reminds me of all of those things every day when I read her posts...and in more ways than one, she keeps me inspired.

Thank you NieNie.

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