Monday, April 2, 2012

My eyes are falling out.

I am so miserable today


Woke up with a pounding headache that moved from one side of my head to the other throughout the day...nothing helped. Coffee... Excedrin...... water....... ibuprofen... salt...... sugar..... NOTHING. Until around dinner time that is....the headache finally went away but then the rest of me started hurting. I really hope I'm not coming down with something bad, I have no sick time left at work after this past year of health issues in my family. UGH. I just should be sleeping, but I can't yet. Somehow I'm wide awake.

My son told me tonight that one of the boys in his gym class threw a ball at his eye today. He tells me it wasn't on purpose. But, I recognized the name of the boy - it's the same kid I heard about last year who pushed my son off his scooter in gym class "just because". I got (gently) serious for a minute and made it clear to my son that if this kid is pushing him around and bullying him, he needs to tell me. He says he's not a bully, it's not like that - but he doesn't have me convinced. I am comforted by my knowledge that my son is a strong little boy who doesn't typically let anyone push him around - and he has a lot of friends who hang on his every word. He's the popular little dude in the 2nd grade...but still, when we have our Parent/Teacher conference Wednesday, I will be bringing this up with his teacher...just in case. Why can't I just home-school my kids in a bubble and never let them leave my sight? (sigh) One more thing I would've done if I had won that Mega...ok not really but a girl can dream.

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