Friday, April 6, 2012

Baby Steps

This is the most organized my son's bookshelf will probably ever look...

It took me two or three hours to do this. It was horrifying. Ok not really, but kinda really. It's amazing what you'll find in your kids room if you really look. There is so much more to do in his room, the basement, my daughter's room...all over the house. But I had to start somewhere and his shelf was the worst spot. I wish I would've taken a before picture so that you could see how bad it was... Then again, I probably would've been too embarrassed to post it! Babyish books are now gone... (except for the few that will go in the Memory Box. Like Goodnight Moon and Brown Bear Brown Bear). Lots of drawings that were long forgotten have been found again :) I found probably two dozen "books" that my son has written over the years stuffed down on that bottom shelf. They are hilarious. I will probably be posting some of them on here... starting with the one about his imaginary friend...Bob.