Friday, January 20, 2012

Emotional Overload

My Dad and Me <3I am happy to say that my Dad’s surgery went well yesterday…his leg looks wonderful compared to the way his other leg looked last summer after he had the bypass surgery on that one. He will be in the hospital until Monday or Tuesday and then will hopefully go right home and not to rehab. We are praying there will be no infection involved this time and he will heal well without complications. Last summer was a living hell for him and my family but this time it appears things are on the right track. I feel bad for him because I know he feels like he’s back at square one -- as soon as he was completely healed on the right side they ripped him open on the left side. Even though he knew that was going to be the case all along, that has to be maddening. But at least it’s over. The doctors are monitoring his kidneys right now – they said his levels are up, whatever that means. All I know is he is sick of being poked and prodded every six hours with needles to have his blood taken. But we keep reminding him – it’s temporary – and he will go home soon.
The worst is over.

You may have read my last post about my daughter’s gerbil being gravely ill…
I checked on him one last time before going to bed Wednesday night. He wasn’t responding to my touch anymore. He was breathing – but barely – and I knew he’d be gone by morning. I had helped him to the front of the cage right next to the food and water just in case, but when I woke up at 5am yesterday to go with my parents to the hospital, I checked on him and he was gone. Laying on his side, perfectly still and peaceful. I woke my husband to tell him and we agreed that we should get him out of the cage before the kids saw him. While he did that, I gently woke up my daughter and told her the news – she wouldn’t look at me or say anything, she just cried in her bed. It really sucked for me to have to leave right after telling her, but my Dad had to be at the hospital by 6am, so I had to go. My husband handled everything with the kids. He kept them home from school, he hugged them and kissed away their tears. He buried Skrat (that’s the gerbil’s name) in the backyard flower garden. We’ll plant new seeds there in the spring. I wasn’t sure my daughter would make it through the school day today – she cried all morning and tried to get us to let her stay home another day because she was afraid her friends would ask her why she wasn’t in school yesterday and she didn’t want to have to talk about it. But she went to school and made it through the day just fine. I know it will be rough for her for a while – she loved and cared for Skrat for three and a half years (which is long for a gerbil!). Now we are left with Cuddly – Skrat’s littermate – who is still miraculously huge and healthy but has always taken a back seat to his brother in the attention department. Skrat was the favorite around here. But now Cuddly is going to need extra TLC. Hopefully this weekend, the kids will take some time to bond with him a little better…
Things like this almost make you never want to have pets.
But I honestly feel that animals bring so much joy into life…
I can’t imagine life without our furry friends.

So today took a real toll on me (on all of us) emotionally. First of all because of worrying about how my Dad was going to do in surgery – if his blood pressure would be a danger to him and if he would make it out of the complicated surgery intact. Second of all because I always thought that when Skrat passed away I would be home to help my daughter deal with her overwhelming emotions. But because of the timing, I couldn’t be here. Thankfully, my husband handled everything beautifully.


  1. Thanks, Cami. It's been a rough few days. Looking forward to putting this all behind us!

  2. Big big hugs for you and your fam! Glad Dad's worst is over and it's only uphill from here. :)

    That -is- long for a gerb, my Casey only made the average lifespan when I had her. She was very well cared for though (smart, too!)


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