Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wonderful Christmastime

We are exhausted! But what a great Christmas this has been! In fact, according to the kids, this was the “BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!” We have to agree...everyone was together (mostly) and healthy (thankfully!), plus Santa was very good to all of us this year. For all of that, we are so thankful. Christmas Eve dinner at my mother-in-law’s was delicious and memorable, as it always is…
David was excited to see Grandpa John’s new Polar Express train under the tree this year!
Santa even came around to visit the kids in the neighborhood before he set off on his long journey!

My beautiful sister-in-law enjoyed telling Grandma all about her new love…Red heart

It was our sweet little nephew’s FIRST CHRISTMAS!! So sweet and special.
We love him so much!

The cousins Christmas picture was an adventure as always!
We only wish the Arizona cousins had been here too…
Me & my hubby <3
No, that is not his serious smile…but this was the best one of both of us :)

My daughter took the lead on putting out the cookies and milk for Santa this year.
Ok I swear when I took this picture last year she was about half that height.
WTH is happening?!

Santa had come!
My little guy politely woke me up twice to tell me - once at 4 something AM and then again at 6:30…
I gave in the second time. He is such a patient little boy, I love him so much.

Santa even left a tasty treat for our Layla, which she promptly took right to her bed. lol
Ok actually Santa left a LOT of tasty treats for her.
Then she was checking out everyone else’s presents….
Ok, I admit…I was totally jealous of this...

Who’s that?? Ultimate Optimus Prime?! From Mommy & Daddy??
Yeah that’s right…. :-)

We also got them the Happy Nappers they (surprisingly) asked for…

And our living room floor was M.I.A. by the time they were all done.
Christmas night, we had our annual dinner with my side of the family…my Mom always makes her delicious homemade pasta sauce and meatballs, and she buys the amazing Gondola ravioli. I wait all year long for Christmas dinner. My Mom hates pictures of herself…this is the best one I got.

And now there’s a little less than a month left until my Dad’s other leg gets opened up for full bypasses. He’s having trouble relaxing about it, naturally…we are glad he was able to enjoy Christmas and being with his family…and his beloved cat, Sebastian. They are inseparable.

So although it went by all too fast, I hope every one of you out there had a
Red heart

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