Sunday, December 4, 2011

All Partied Out

Well, we had two parties for my little guy this weekend…
The family party Friday night, and the “friend party” yesterday.B-Day cake by Daddy
Our gift to him this year was “The Real Lightning McQueen” The "Real" Lightning McQueenIt was a big hit :)

He invited ten boys from school to his mini-golf party.
They. ALL. came.
I’m telling you, the children are nutso…including my son.
My poor daughter was the only girl at the party…but she held her own!
What was I thinking??I’ve met most of these boys before, but some of them were new to me and they just amazed me with their energy, lol. They all adore my son which is awesome. He’s kind of the class clown, and that’s ok as long as it doesn’t have any negative effects on his grades… It hasn’t, so far…
Our party hostess had incredible patience and was very good at keeping the kids busy, moving from one thing to the next…She didn’t even mind when they dumped their drinks all over the floor.
It was a great party weekend, but I’m SO happy it’s over.
Now we just have to find somewhere to keep all his new stuff.Hopefully in the next few weeks we will be donating lots of old toys and clothes to charities for the holiday season… That’s one huge advantage of my son’s birthday being so close to Christmas.

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