Saturday, November 26, 2011

‘O Christmas Tree

The putting-up-of-the-Christmas-tree was a two day process this year.
We always use an artificial tree - the same one I’ve had since I was a kid. It’s about as old as I am – but unlike me, its age doesn’t show…soooo anyway…This year except for the lights, the kids pretty much decorated the entire thing themselves.
They did an awesome job

We watched Polar Express while we decorated. I love and hate that movie.
It’s so awesome but also so creepy!

This ornament always has to go front and center on the tree, of course

When we were done, we put on the BEST Christmas movie of all 
A Christmas Story
had some cocoa, and sat and stared at the tree…


  1. Haha, this definitely puts me in the Christmas mood:) Following from the Say Hi Sunday Hop! Would love a follow back:D

  2. That's awesome, the kids did such a great job. We're going to pick our tree out this week, I can't wait to decorate it.


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