Thursday, November 17, 2011

It has begun… (TMI alert! Not for those with a weak stomach)

Well, it seems my little guy is the first in our family to get the flu this, my ipod takes TERRIBLE picturesHe woke up in the middle of the night last night with a fever and earaches so we kept him home from school to take him to the pediatrician. I was totally expecting to be told that he had a double ear infection and so I figured no big deal, he’ll get some antibiotics and that will take care of it. It’s happened countless times in his little life, he has been pretty prone to ear infections.
Well, on the way to the doctor’s……..
he threw up ALLLLLLLLL over himself in the car.
My poor boy.
It came out of nowhere - he said he didn’t even feel sick before it happened.
I drove as fast as I could after that and honestly I thought I was going to throw up as well. That was the worst. No, actually, the worst was getting him out of the car afterward. OMG. I had to strip him of his coat in 30 degree weather because I couldn’t bring him into the pediatrician’s office all a mess (sorry, I warned you about the TMI) because I was sure the other parents would protest to this puke-covered kid coming in the door – I know I would. We went right in their bathroom and cleaned him up the rest of the way as much as possible and then I sat him down in the waiting room and proceeded to get in line to check in. I got stuck behind a very calm, slllllllow-talking, over-explaining Mom who everyone in line was ready to scream at while my son was trying not to hurl again in the waiting room. When I finally got up to the check in window, I told the girl what happened and they got him into a room pretty quickly but once we were IN the room we waited about 45 minutes to see the doctor which has never happened before, so I’m guessing he was the sickest kid there and the doctor wanted to see him last so she wouldn’t pass the germs around. It was BUSY there today, I’m sure this flu is really making its rounds. When the doctor finally did come in, she looked at him for two minutes and said his ears are fine, his throat is fine, he has the dreaded stomach flu and it just has to run its course…
So Mommy feels helpless.
Popsicles, ginger ale and dry toast are on the menu for the next few days.
I just pray to God that he doesn’t end up in the ER from dehydration like last year.
Flu season, my friends, has reared its ugly head. Beware!!

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