Monday, September 12, 2011

Middle School Mama

I am not handling this well. My daughter started middle school last week, and – as I knew would be the case – my insides literally hurt. I am not ready for this…I’m not ready to have a 6th grader. She did well the first day. We pumped her up and told her it was going to be great and I did not let her know at all that I was an emotional wreck inside. She came home that day and said school was alright – she had some trouble with her locker and she got lost on the way to every single class, but for the most part she said it was ok and she was fairly happy. The following morning was a totally different story. She fell apart about ten minutes before it was time to get in the car. When I said goodbye to her outside the school she was sobbing while I plastered a fake smile across my face and told her it would be ok – and she walked up the stairs and out of sight. My husband and son waited in the car down the block and I walked back to them feeling like I’d just sent my daughter off to some terrible dungeon. She did ok of course, as I know she will in general – despite her emotional moments she’s one tough kid. She can hold her own and she doesn’t let anyone push her around. I’m proud to say she’s not a follower…I can only pray she holds true to that. It’s gotten a little easier each day for her,  but it’s still going to be a tough rest of the month for sure. Middle school scares me waaaaaaay more than high school or even college. This is the time when kids are extremely vulnerable to peer pressure – they’re still children but they want SO badly to be grown up and to fit in. I remember how that felt all too well. When I started middle school, I found a circle of friends pretty quickly and that helped me through. I was never “popular” but I always had friends and we fit well together. She has that. And as long as she has that, I know she’ll be just fine.
My son on the other hand has done fantastic in transitioning to 2nd grade! Thank God! He has a bunch of old friends and some new in his class, his teacher is wonderful and friendly, and he’s very excited. He is a take charge kid and his friends (girls and boys alike) always seem to adore him a little more than they do most other kids, lol. I’m so thankful that he loves his school so much. He’s a wonderful boy. And I love his school to pieces – we’ve been a family of that school for six years now and we have another four to go. It’s a wonderful, nurturing place to learn. It didn’t feel like that when my daughter started kindergarten there – it felt cold and unfamiliar, much like her middle school feels to me now. I know in time we will all adjust…I have no doubt whatsoever that she will adjust before I will. But she will never know of my apprehension about middle school. As far as she knows, I think it’s the greatest place in the entire world.


  1. My daughter will be in middle school next year, and like you, it scares the crap out of me!!

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