Monday, August 1, 2011

Dad is Home

...well, out of the hospital at least. He was in the hospital this time for two full weeks. The doctors say his leg is starting to heal the way it should, and even though we feel he should still stay there to be monitored to make sure his leg doesn't get infected again, they won't keep him. In fact they couldn't push him out the door fast enough today. Insurance clearly did not want to have to pay for him to be there for one more day. I am really so fed up with this hospital. Anyway Dad is now staying - temporarily hopefully - with my Mom while he recovers a little more. She has a nurse coming over to teach her how to give him his antibiotics through his IV and change his bandages on his poor Mom is so exhausted. My sister and I are doing all we can to help but my Mom definitely bears the brunt of it. Hopefully things can go back to somewhat normal for everyone soon.

On a positive note, my son has a new summer hairdo!

Lol it looks so awesome, even I have to admit. The mohawk will only be sticking around until school starts though! I took the kids out for ice cream tonight and all the boys - big and small- couldn't stop looking at him :)

Yeah that ice cream was bigger than his head...

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