Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zero Motivation

It’s so hard to get my ass outside to do anything on days like this. The kids and I have been in the house all day long. It’s just still so oppressively HOT out! Still so hard to breathe the sticky, nasty air. We’ve been coloring and having an iCarly marathon in front of the fans for the past few hours…FAN fans, not PEOPLE-fans ;) My husband is at his very first “gig” with his band-mates right now – they’re playing about a 30 minute set at a graduation party of one of the guys’ wives. I feel really bad that I’m not there, but he understands. I don’t know any of the people that would be there and I know there’s an in-ground pool that I would be expected to go in. And I’m sorry but I cannot swim in front of my husband’s friends!

Can I just say that I think it sucks that I have to turn on my oven to make food today?! It’s already a million degrees in my kitchen and now I have the oven at 400* to bake chicken. We might be taking a walk to DQ after dinner…if we can manage to drag ourselves there. I think I’m ready for winter. Bring on the snow and the frostbite. I’m hoping to take the kids to the beach tomorrow if the weather is bearable. I’ll try not to whine about it the whole time...I’m gonna whine about it the whole time.

If my blog looks familiar to anyone who might be newly following me, it’s because I transferred myself here from my old blog. Long story. If you do follow me, I will certainly, happily return the favor!


  1. That quote is awesome! Stay as in cold incase you didn't know what I

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  4. That quote is SO true. Haha!! Makes me's SO me!! Curly hair + humidity = frizz ball central

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