Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where to begin?

Things have gone from bad to worse with my Dad over the past week. He has been re-admitted to the hospital for treatment for a severe infection in his leg where he had the bypass done nearly a month ago. We found out from his nurse tonight that his leg, like his foot, has become gangrenous. The tissue where the incision should have closed up and begun healing has pulled apart and gotten very infected, and the surrounding and some of the underlying tissue is now dead and needs to be removed. Once removed, they say it will heal somehow – I don’t know how – because that dead tissue is never going to grow back. So this Friday, doctors are going to do a surgical debridement on his wound, which spans from his groin to his knee…my mother, sister and I are so angry because this was so avoidable. Back when they did the venous doppler on his leg in the last days of April/early May, they should have caught the aneurysm behind his knee and they should have taken care of the problem THEN, before his foot started to die from lack of blood flow. And as soon as this incision started to look infected, which was not long after he got to the rehab facility, they should have done something about it. The people (aides and alleged nurses) at the rehab should have contacted his doctor and told the doctor my Dad needed to be seen because something was very wrong. They knew something was very wrong. They said early on that they could see it wasn’t healing right. Even so, they just kept re-doing his bandages day after day, continuing to allow it to fester. My poor Dad has gone through so much unnecessary suffering because of negligence and carelessness of people who were trusted to care for him. I’m so angry right now I could scream. Thank goodness my Mother took photos of his leg as time went on, to document what has happened.  I don’t know what - if anything - can actually be done to prevent this from happening to any of their other patients, but we’re looking into it. And because of that, I will probably not be updating on my Dad’s situation for a while. Hopefully the doctors caring for him right now will follow through with everything that needs to be done and get him on the road to recovery…please pray.

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