Friday, July 8, 2011

Just can’t keep up

I’m so mad at myself for not keeping up with my blog these past few weeks. I tried half a dozen times to play catch up and post things that are now long gone, like Moving Up Day, 5th Gr. Bisons Game field trip, Flag Day Parade, my nephew’s Christening, the last day of school, Sam’s Birthday……….just to name a few. But each time I tried to sit down and focus, I failed miserably. I guess I should cut myself some slack because it’s hard for me to sit down and do anything without falling asleep since my Dad has been in the hospital. Well, he’s out of the hospital now and is in rehab. In one of my posts back in May I talked about a mysterious persistent pain he had begun suffering from in his leg…April 30th was the first day he had it, to be exact. Well it got progressively worse and worse until he could no longer walk. Finally he had to have emergency bypass surgery on it two weeks ago. He came close to losing his foot which developed gangrene due to the lack of blood flow – which the doctors should have caught and done something about WAAAAAAY back in May when they first examined him. I have no idea how NONE of the doctors found the aneurysm behind his knee or the complete blockage in his leg for six plus weeks…it boggles my mind. Anyway, although the surgery has taken away most of the danger of the situation, life has been a rough ride for him and my family since then. I really don’t want to re-hash everything so I’ll leave it at that. I just need LOTS of prayers for him, and for my mother…for my whole family. And I guess I’m giving up on catching up on here with all the wonderful events that I should have posted about. Starting over. Again.

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