Thursday, July 21, 2011

It’s so damn hot…milk was a bad choice!

If I only had a nickel for every time I’ve overheard people muttering that “Anchorman” quote in the past few days. And for every time I’ve said it! Comic genius. But seriously, it is dangerously HOT around here! For at least a week straight we’ve been in a heat wave and are suffering through record breaking temperatures up into the 90s with a heat index near 100 degrees if not higher. The humidity makes us feel perpetually sticky. It’s impossible to feel clean anymore. My saving grace is the overly-air-conditioned office that I work in – I usually have a sweater on for most of the day but I LOVE it. My kids and hubby have the back half of the house to hang out in with the A/C, but there’s only so much movie-watching, DS-playing and book-reading kids wanna do when they could be outside. And we’re still without a pool :( My husband ordered one today online and it should get here in a week or two. That’s the best we could do I guess. No one’s selling pools anymore in-store because ya know as far as they’re concerned summer’s over after July 4th and now they’re all making room for back to school crap! Ugh I can’t even think about back to school right now. Anyway, it’s 88 degrees in my living room, we have four fans going in the front of the house and it still feels like we’re sitting in a sauna. I feel like a fish, the air is so thick and humid it’s like trying to breathe in water.
Aaaaand in case you couldn’t tell…the heat makes me cranky.

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