Sunday, July 31, 2011

Relaxing Birthday

Thank you all for all of your sweet birthday wishes. I did have a great day. I didn’t have to do a thing. That’s really all I wanted…that and to spend it with my family. The kids swam in the pool all day long and I lounged in the yard and watched while playing on my iPod with my iTunes card that my hubby and kids gave me. I also got some beautiful gerber daisies that my son picked out…and a gift card to Target, so I can finally buy some new shoes! I am going through shoe-shopping withdrawal, it’s been so long. And Target has the best shoes…the tough part is going to be choosing one pair…or maybe a new purse…or possibly a dress. Yeah, I’ll probably wander the store for hours before I decide. There are so many cute sundresses out right now and I haven’t bought any new clothes in about three years. Yes, three years…I’m surprised my clothes aren’t disintegrating in the washing machine they’re so old and worn out. But of course, that is part of the sacrifice we make as Mommies :)

So, another year has gone by. And even though I’m getting old…I am so thankful.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Year Older…

Well, I had a great day today.
I am very lucky, very loved, and very blessed. Details tomorrow :)
Right now, I’m going to watch a movie with my babies and enjoy this last hour of my day

Friday, July 29, 2011


I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am that it’s Friday. I love my job, but holy crap do I need a break. Tomorrow is my birthday, not that it really matters all that much, but I at least intend to try to relax. The kids and I will be staying up late tonight, having snacks, watching movies…oh who am I kidding, we’ll be watching iCarly. We can’t get enough of that show! The kids are in the pool right now (yay we finally got our new inflatable pool in the mail! I’ll try not to pop this one! :) They have challenged each other to say up alllllllllll night tonight. I’ll be lucky if I last past midnight. My Dad is still in the hospital but should be released on Sunday or Monday. He will be going home with a cane and a walker, and an IV port still in his neck for my Mom to administer his antibiotics through. Ick. I’m going to try to help her with that lovely job. That and changing his bandages on his leg…we’ll be lucky if we don’t pass out from that sight up close. Anyway, trying to stay happy and not let everything plus the super heavy weight of my new age that I’m turning tomorrow (not telling) drag me down!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don’t Wanna

My birthday is coming. I hate getting older. Yeah yeah, I know it’s better than the alternative. But since I turned 30 I have not liked my birthday. But we celebrate it anyway, mostly for the kids’ sake. This year may be different, considering my Dad is still in the hospital and wouldn’t be able to come over, even for cake. He’s been so depressed since his surgery a month ago, I don’t want to add to it by celebrating my birthday without him. I dunno, I guess I’m just happy it’s on a Saturday! I can be home, relax, stay in my pajamas and just feel old and sad off in the corner somewhere ;) And I guess I’ll try to keep this in mind.
What a great quote.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach Day

Took my babies to the beach today. We had so much fun! We were there all day… we had a picnic lunch, played in the sand, swam, lost a shovel in the water, got sand in our butts…lol we had a blast :)


They swam until their feet were completely wrinkled. The poor things have been melting in this heat with no pool for a couple of weeks now. I could watch them play there all day. I have a feeling we’ll be back there soon.

I just love days like this!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zero Motivation

It’s so hard to get my ass outside to do anything on days like this. The kids and I have been in the house all day long. It’s just still so oppressively HOT out! Still so hard to breathe the sticky, nasty air. We’ve been coloring and having an iCarly marathon in front of the fans for the past few hours…FAN fans, not PEOPLE-fans ;) My husband is at his very first “gig” with his band-mates right now – they’re playing about a 30 minute set at a graduation party of one of the guys’ wives. I feel really bad that I’m not there, but he understands. I don’t know any of the people that would be there and I know there’s an in-ground pool that I would be expected to go in. And I’m sorry but I cannot swim in front of my husband’s friends!

Can I just say that I think it sucks that I have to turn on my oven to make food today?! It’s already a million degrees in my kitchen and now I have the oven at 400* to bake chicken. We might be taking a walk to DQ after dinner…if we can manage to drag ourselves there. I think I’m ready for winter. Bring on the snow and the frostbite. I’m hoping to take the kids to the beach tomorrow if the weather is bearable. I’ll try not to whine about it the whole time...I’m gonna whine about it the whole time.

If my blog looks familiar to anyone who might be newly following me, it’s because I transferred myself here from my old blog. Long story. If you do follow me, I will certainly, happily return the favor!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It’s so damn hot…milk was a bad choice!

If I only had a nickel for every time I’ve overheard people muttering that “Anchorman” quote in the past few days. And for every time I’ve said it! Comic genius. But seriously, it is dangerously HOT around here! For at least a week straight we’ve been in a heat wave and are suffering through record breaking temperatures up into the 90s with a heat index near 100 degrees if not higher. The humidity makes us feel perpetually sticky. It’s impossible to feel clean anymore. My saving grace is the overly-air-conditioned office that I work in – I usually have a sweater on for most of the day but I LOVE it. My kids and hubby have the back half of the house to hang out in with the A/C, but there’s only so much movie-watching, DS-playing and book-reading kids wanna do when they could be outside. And we’re still without a pool :( My husband ordered one today online and it should get here in a week or two. That’s the best we could do I guess. No one’s selling pools anymore in-store because ya know as far as they’re concerned summer’s over after July 4th and now they’re all making room for back to school crap! Ugh I can’t even think about back to school right now. Anyway, it’s 88 degrees in my living room, we have four fans going in the front of the house and it still feels like we’re sitting in a sauna. I feel like a fish, the air is so thick and humid it’s like trying to breathe in water.
Aaaaand in case you couldn’t tell…the heat makes me cranky.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where to begin?

Things have gone from bad to worse with my Dad over the past week. He has been re-admitted to the hospital for treatment for a severe infection in his leg where he had the bypass done nearly a month ago. We found out from his nurse tonight that his leg, like his foot, has become gangrenous. The tissue where the incision should have closed up and begun healing has pulled apart and gotten very infected, and the surrounding and some of the underlying tissue is now dead and needs to be removed. Once removed, they say it will heal somehow – I don’t know how – because that dead tissue is never going to grow back. So this Friday, doctors are going to do a surgical debridement on his wound, which spans from his groin to his knee…my mother, sister and I are so angry because this was so avoidable. Back when they did the venous doppler on his leg in the last days of April/early May, they should have caught the aneurysm behind his knee and they should have taken care of the problem THEN, before his foot started to die from lack of blood flow. And as soon as this incision started to look infected, which was not long after he got to the rehab facility, they should have done something about it. The people (aides and alleged nurses) at the rehab should have contacted his doctor and told the doctor my Dad needed to be seen because something was very wrong. They knew something was very wrong. They said early on that they could see it wasn’t healing right. Even so, they just kept re-doing his bandages day after day, continuing to allow it to fester. My poor Dad has gone through so much unnecessary suffering because of negligence and carelessness of people who were trusted to care for him. I’m so angry right now I could scream. Thank goodness my Mother took photos of his leg as time went on, to document what has happened.  I don’t know what - if anything - can actually be done to prevent this from happening to any of their other patients, but we’re looking into it. And because of that, I will probably not be updating on my Dad’s situation for a while. Hopefully the doctors caring for him right now will follow through with everything that needs to be done and get him on the road to recovery…please pray.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Just can’t keep up

I’m so mad at myself for not keeping up with my blog these past few weeks. I tried half a dozen times to play catch up and post things that are now long gone, like Moving Up Day, 5th Gr. Bisons Game field trip, Flag Day Parade, my nephew’s Christening, the last day of school, Sam’s Birthday……….just to name a few. But each time I tried to sit down and focus, I failed miserably. I guess I should cut myself some slack because it’s hard for me to sit down and do anything without falling asleep since my Dad has been in the hospital. Well, he’s out of the hospital now and is in rehab. In one of my posts back in May I talked about a mysterious persistent pain he had begun suffering from in his leg…April 30th was the first day he had it, to be exact. Well it got progressively worse and worse until he could no longer walk. Finally he had to have emergency bypass surgery on it two weeks ago. He came close to losing his foot which developed gangrene due to the lack of blood flow – which the doctors should have caught and done something about WAAAAAAY back in May when they first examined him. I have no idea how NONE of the doctors found the aneurysm behind his knee or the complete blockage in his leg for six plus weeks…it boggles my mind. Anyway, although the surgery has taken away most of the danger of the situation, life has been a rough ride for him and my family since then. I really don’t want to re-hash everything so I’ll leave it at that. I just need LOTS of prayers for him, and for my mother…for my whole family. And I guess I’m giving up on catching up on here with all the wonderful events that I should have posted about. Starting over. Again.