Friday, June 3, 2011

Parent Appreciation

Today my little guy & his classmates did one last little choral performance for all the Moms & Dads to show us just how much they appreciate all that we do for them.

It was so freakin’ cute.
I just love him so much.

After the concert, they treated us to cookies and juice in their classrooms.
The kids had to wait on the parents hand & foot, and they surprised us with cards that they made.

He wrote and typed up the poem in my card himself…it says:
Do You Know How Much I Love You?
I love you a bunch
maybe even
more than the world.
I love you
so much.
Just like you
love me! I love you
so much!”

This is Daddy’s card.

Again, he wrote and typed it up himself, AND he drew that awesome picture of my husband’s guitar. Love it!
It says:
All of the Things You Like
by David
Dad, you like
tons of things like…
You love
to play
You make
really good
And you
even help me
with my homework.
I love you so…

And then this was out hanging in the hallway:

Stuff like this makes me feel like we’re doing a good job :)

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