Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Moments

We spent this Memorial Day at Jeff’s parents house, eating…eating….oh and eating.
And of course, taking pictures. Or maybe that was just me and Kelly.
We couldn’t spend it out at the family’s cabin in Colden like we usually do because due to all the rain we’ve had these past few weeks (and MONTHS), it’s like a swamp out there and the grass can’t be cut until it dries up. The kids managed to find a way to have fun with nature anyway, of course :)

David letting Will have a turn with his remote control lego car

My husband made his delicious “Krabby Patties” for all

My perfect little nephew let me hold him again AND feed him a bottle.
I just love him.

I of course had to get some photos of their beautiful flowers.
They have the most amazing gardens.
Two of my favorites…I love bleeding heart flowers.
We ended the holiday with a trip to DQ, a sleepover
and a CRAZY loud thunderstorm.
What a perfect day Smile with tongue out

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