Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

Today I joined my little boy and his classmates on a field trip to the Zoo :)

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our day

I loved how in awe they all were of the sea lions!
This is by far the best addition they have ever made to the Buffalo Zoo
It kind of looks like the bear is growling in the background. Sadly, he wasn’t.
The Kodiak bears were being shy today, we didn’t get to see them at all.
I think they are so cool… even though I always feel like they’re going to jump across the ravine at me. They’re HUGE.

Mama gorilla looked right at me as her baby slept on her back.
So cute!

Again…so cute!

This picture….

…is priceless.
Maybe we should have re-thought the making them look directly into the sun thing.
My son is in the middle of yelling at me here because of the sun in his eyes.
Oh yeah, he was quite the little crank by the time the trip was over. We had a nice little discussion about his attitude when we got home later on…but we’ll just leave that part out :) We had a very nice day!

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