Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Art, Music & a Rash

We went to the annual Art & Music Show at the kids’ school tonight. My son had one piece of art on display, but my daughter didn’t have any…none that we found at least. She did have her band concert though, and she did an awesome job playing her clarinet. They really all sounded very good! I did not get any good quality pictures of her up on stage though, unfortunately… It’s so hard to get a good photo in a school auditorium! After the show, we went to the school flower sale and went a little overboard. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to plant what we bought this weekend…if it ever stops raining.

Oh and yeah, my little guy woke up with a rash on both cheeks and hands today. He started out with it only on one cheek last night, so I figured it was some kind of irritation and didn’t think much of it. But when I saw him this morning, having worked in child care for a long time, I knew right away that it was probably Fifth Disease (aka Slapped Cheeks Syndrome). My husband took him to the pediatrician’s office to see what they thought, and yep, that’s what he has.

They said it’s not contagious anymore once the rash appears so he went to school for the rest of the day and we did take him along to the Art Show tonight. Thankfully other parents didn’t stare us down like I worried they would.
Why does my poor boy catch everything that goes around?
Sick smile

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