Friday, April 29, 2011

Celebrating Easter

For the first time ever, my kids colored the eggs all by themselves this year!
They’re getting so old, I’m just glad they wanted to color eggs at all…
Decorating the driveway for the Easter Bunny

This Easter morning, the baskets weren’t very hard to find.
David picked out his own clothes to wear to Grandma’s for dinner…
He wanted to look handsome.  
Turtleneck, polo shirt, clip on tie.

I had to get a pic of him before I made him change into his Sabres jersey.
Yeah that’s right, we all wore our Sabres jerseys to Easter dinner because we’re diehard fans and this was the day of Game Six of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals.

If the Sabres would have won that game, we would have moved on to Round 2.
Naturally, it didn’t happen :(
Of course.
And so, this was the first time ever that I did not make my kids dress up for Easter. It’s just not worth it – the dressy clothes never get worn more than once and they hate wearing them anyway. Especially my daughter. I can make her wear a dress – and I have – many times, but I cannot get her to like it no matter how hard I try.

Since David has allergies and can’t eat most chocolate, my parents gave him a Vanek t-shirt for Easter, which is almost better than chocolate anyway.

Our happy eggs all ready for eating
SmileMy kids always pick one certain egg that is theirs to eat on Easter.
David now wears the “Ralphie” glasses every time we celebrate anything at Grandma’s.

It was baby Connor’s first Easter and he looked cute as a button in his little chick sleeper.
He even helped out with the egg hunt!

This year they got marshmallow shooters in their gift bags from Grandma & Grandpa
What sticky, gross fun that has been!!


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