Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Watering My Body

For the past God knows how long, I have been trying to force myself to drink more water. I know all about how good it is for the body, I know the risks of not drinking enough of it, etc etc... Problem is - I hate water. Yeah, I know – how can you hate something that has no taste? That’s the whole problem - I find it very hard to drink large amounts of something that has no taste, it just makes me nauseous. And to make matters worse, I am completely addicted to caffeine. Even though I have almost completely cut pop out of my diet, I drink way too much coffee. I am pretty much constantly dehydrated, and I know that is SOOO bad. I can feel the negative effects of dehydration on my body every day – headaches, dry eyes, fatigue, heart palpitations (which I have anyway on a daily basis, but dehydration and caffeine make it so much worse), dry skin and hair…it’s time to fix this Smile And so, I’m happy to say that I am on day 3 of rehydration! I don’t know, is that a word? I even found this awesome little iPod app to help me stick to my plan, called “Water Your Body”. Love it! It helps keep track of how much water I have drunk (or drank?) throughout the day, it calculates how much I need based on my weight, charts my day to day intake and I can get “trophies” for reaching certain goals, etc. I really like it, I’m all about fun little apps that help me stay organized and it’s actually motivating me even more to take better care of myself :) Hmmm…I think I just might have to add iPod app reviews to my blog…


  1. I also need to drink more water!!!

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  4. Sounds like a useful app!! Good luck with drinking all that water! :)
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