Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty’s Day


0805B75DSt. Patrick’s Day has never been too exciting for me – I’m only a tiny bit Irish, mostly Italian, and so my family never celebrated it. So I didn’t really care that I had no green to wear to work today. But sadly, when I got there I was in big trouble with all my co-workers because I was wearing a black shirt and gray pants. How boring can you get I guess, huh?? Mary Jo, who got a little carried away with the green stuff – pants and all - gave me her cute little shamrock necklace to wear and then all was well and I was allowed to stay :) lol, I work in a wonderful office with some great women and although the work we do is extremely serious in nature, we manage to have fun throughout the day and the dynamics between us are really great. I love my job. I love the work and I love the people. To give a little background - I recently made the decision to transfer to this building/office from a different one and now I can honestly say it was one of the absolute BEST decisions of my life. I am SO much happier. It was one of those situations where I really wanted to go for it but I wasn’t going to mess with the situation I had, which was also a good one, even though I was very unhappy with the nature of the work I was doing…but then I decided to give it a shot. It felt right, and it has proven to be so :) Ok so anyway, today a few of the girls and I walked to get lunch at a local Mexican place – because what could be more appropriate to eat on St. Patty’s Day than Mexican food? 083It was beautiful out! I’m so ready for spring. We stuffed our faces and it was just really nice to socialize with them “outside of work” even though it was just on our lunch hour. I was already friends with one of these girls before I moved there and now the others are quickly becoming some of my favorite people. Which is good, since we are together 8 hours a day. Then on the way back from lunch, we stopped at the store and I found this amazing shirt…I may not really all that Irish at heart, but I really want this shirt!!! But sadly, the store wouldn’t give it to me for free, so…it is not mine :(

So yeah that’s my St. Patrick’s Day! Last year’s was a little more festive. I’m off tomorrow to spend it with the hubby and kids since they are off of school – the kids don’t know yet – it’s gonna be a surprise :)

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