Friday, March 25, 2011

Exhausting Week

Well I didn’t intend to have such a long break between posts but this past week exhausted me and didn’t allow me much time for blogging. David’s mystery illness continued through the week and I finally took him to the pediatrician Wednesday morning after he developed the new lovely symptom of vomiting…he couldn’t keep anything down – and when I say anything, I’m really only talking about water, since he hadn’t eaten anything since day before. I felt whatever was going on was worsening and I started to really worry. His pediatrician suspected possible strep and looked in his throat & nose but then said everything looked normal there, so then he had David lay down and he started feeling his belly. He thoughtfully pressed and felt all around his belly for what felt like forever…and from the way he was pressing on him and the look on his face, it seemed like he felt something. I asked him if he did and he didn’t answer me. He asked my son if it hurt when he pressed on him and my son said yes – on the lower right side. So the Dr. told me he wanted to run a blood test to check David’s white cell count in case maybe we were dealing with appendicitis. He left the room for a few minutes and David sobbed about not wanting to have a blood test – he had one ten months ago and still talks about it to this day! Then the Dr. came back and said he changed his mind – he wanted me to take David to the ER to have him hooked up to an IV for his dehydration and to have the blood work done there. I was pretty scared by this point – he told me compared to his last visit less than two months before, my son had lost a significant amount of weight and that combined with the other symptoms concerned him. I didn’t realize at the time that he was mistaken about the amount of weight loss, and I was starting to panic, so we left there to get my husband and we were off to the ER. He threw up one last time in the car…it took all the strength in me not to throw up right along with him :(

They took him into a room in record time and throughout the day he saw countless nurses and doctors – all of whom were great with him and seemed very attentive and concerned. But the more questions they asked, the less they suspected appendicitis – especially since looking at him, you’d hardly know he was sick. He was obviously dehydrated, but he wasn’t in nearly enough pain to be suffering from appendicitis. One of the nurses said that the pediatrician mentioned an approximate TEN POUND weight loss – this is where I realized there had really been a serious miscommunication. When the nurse at his Dr. office weighed him that morning, he was 59 lbs. – I saw it myself AND I heard her say it and she wrote it on his chart. In January he had weighed in at 61 lbs…but it turns out that the nurse mistakenly recorded him that morning at 54 lbs. Seriously? She couldn’t read her own writing. So then he ER nurses were asking if we’d noticed David’s clothes being loose on him suddenly or anything and we both said definitely not. AND when the triage nurse weighed him when we got there – he was 61 lbs! (Have I confused you yet?) Bottom line is – he had not lost weight. They did do a sonogram to check his appendix just to be safe, and they did run the blood work and a flu test – but everything came back normal. They diagnosed it as gastroenteritis… After his IV, they gave him apple juice and waited a while to make sure he could keep it down, and when he did, they let us take him home. We left there relieved but kind of feeling like it all wasn’t really necessary. Except that the IV did help immensely, so forget I said that. Once the whole bag of fluid was in his little body, he perked right up and begged to play Angry Birds on Daddy’s iPod. He let me take a picture of him right before they took out the IV line… YES my camera is always with me! (His head is not really as large as it looks here, lol. My camera has a wide angle lens)He went back to the pediatrician Thursday for a follow up and they said just to keep him on the BRAT diet – but said he could have chicken soup and things like that too. So when my husband called me after the appointment, David got on the phone and asked me if I would please make my homemade chicken soup for him that night. I said of course I would if Daddy would go get the ingredients – but not only did he get the ingredients – he ended up making the soup himself (my husband, not my son). We all think he did a great job!
David went back to school today and is feeling like his old self again – and Samantha somehow miraculously hasn’t gotten sick (I totally just jinxed it) so as of now we are all a go for the Sabres game tomorrow night!!! It will be David’s first game ever! They better not screw it up!!!!!!!!

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  1. Aww poor little buddy! I found you over at J-man and Miller bug! I love this blog! I can not wait to read more! My son has some medical conditions so we are always in the er and admitted to our local hospital so I feel ya on being worried you hate to see the babies in pain :( Well from one mom to another your blog is awesome and kids are so cute :) i would love it if you could follow me on mine :)


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