Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Still waiting…

Well, tomorrow is the last day before Thanksgiving break, and we still haven’t gotten any news at work about who’s moving where. I've been so frustrated all week…for the past two weeks, really. All of the retirees were done as of today and their replacements are moving to their new buildings/offices as of Friday so there’s a good chance I’m going to get thrown into a new spot in my building on Monday morning with no notice whatsoever. This is the way it always goes in my building, and I don’t get it. I even came out and asked my direct supervisor this week – WHY is everything always such a secret??? She just smiled at me and said she doesn’t know. UGH!

David got an excellent report from his teacher tonight at his conference :) And he has really kind of become an overachiever in Cub Scouts. Daddy has been helping him earn lots of badges and belt loops and I think he’s flying past the other boys in his pack…he’s been working on his Pet Care belt loop, taking full care of our dog whenever she needs anything. Here he is in his gear! So proud!

Samantha taught herself how to play “Peter & the Wolf” on her clarinet today – she’s getting really good! Oh and her BFF is joining Girl Scouts with her as of next week! I’m personally excited about this because I think this will be her bridge to new friendships within her troop ~ her BFF is pretty outgoing and was a Scout before. Samantha is friendly but sometimes is painfully shy and she has yet to even try to get to know any of the girls in her troop. Kristen will help her come out of her shell and they’ll have each other at all the events and things. It will be great! And the super-mega troop expands to 26 girls!!!!! :)

Well I’m off to bed. I’m sitting here blogging and inhaling a bag of bbq chips at 11:45 at night when I should be sleeping for my non-informative day at work tomorrow. Lemme just say that today…I am thankful for THANKSGIVING BREAK coming up. My brain and nerves need a break.


  1. I do hope all gets sorted out for you...Stopped by from Midweek Mingle Blog Hop and following you via Google Friends.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. My son is a tiger scout, too. He just earned his bobcat badge last week at the pack meeting...I was so proud :)

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    Hope your work situation gets better. :)

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  6. I'm here from Mid-Week Mingle. It is a pleasure to "meet" you! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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