Friday, November 26, 2010

O’ Christmas Tree

We always start decorating for Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving is over. So this morning, there was no time to waste :)

When we were preparing to put up the tree, Samantha was crazy happy when she found her 101 Dalmatians ornament, which Grandma & Grandpa gave her last year. Pretty ironic :) 

David was equally happy when he found the Lightning McQueen ornament that they gave him last year. He was under the impression that this had been a keychain and he had us looking all over the house for it this past summer while he sobbed…

And Layla was super excited when she found her Elf hat & jingle bell jewelry that Santa brought her last year! lol. She really couldn’t wait to put them on, but she didn’t keep the elf hat on for very long.


After a while, they got bored of decorating the tree and I finished it mostly myself. Next year we’re gonna need a bigger tree for our ten zillion ornaments. We have an artificial tree – it’s older than dirt but it still looks beautiful every year. My parents bought it when I was about my daughter’s age and we have used it most years…real trees are nice, but you can’t put them up right after Thanksgiving unless you want a house fire for Christmas. I’ve always felt that real trees are a pain in the ass to keep up after anyway…plus, my son would probably be allergic to them.
Sad but true.

The finished product…
I love how the one on the right glows, although it’s out of focus...
I’ll call it unintentional full-photo bokeh ;) 

We ended the day {after watching the Sabres WIN} with a sleepover, cocoa, and Polar Express! I am so ready for Christmas :)


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