Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hair Cut Day!

My daughter took the plunge today – I took her to get her long, beautiful mane of red hair chopped up to her shoulders. She wants to donate it to Locks of Love, so the hairdresser had to take at least 10 inches off in order for it to be usable for hairpieces. They ended up taking off 11 inches total because it had to be cut just above the ponytail…she wasn’t nearly as hesitant as I was…


I couldn’t help but laugh at the hairdresser’s worried expression…

Here we go! Too late to turn back now!

It doesn’t look as long once it’s cut off…hmm.

I think it looks sooo much better!!

That little hair clippy only stayed there for about a minute…
This is definitely a good move. She hated taking care of and brushing her long hair and I was tired of battling with her over it.
Plus, it grows fast.
Now I just need to get her to part with the ponytail so we can donate it to Locks of Love!

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  1. She looks darling! Totally rocking her new 'do! :) And lets hear it for redheads! Woo hoo!!!!


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