Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday

Well, I have something really huge to be thankful for this week.

My blood tests came back normal…

Well, all except for one thing. My Vitamin D is low, so I have to take a supplement. But of all the things that could have come out of those tests……that was the least of my worries. I do still need to see a rheumatologist to follow up on my autoimmune issues, but I’m so thankful these tests didn’t show anything additional going on.

Ten things I’m thankful for (besides the people I love, of course):

1. Niagara Candy Peanut Butter Chocolate bars…soooooooo yummy.
2. CoffeeMate holiday-ish coffee creamers. Especially Peppermint Mocha!
3. Blankets. I’m so chilly these days.
4. The beautiful red and orange leaves on the trees. Fall really is the BEST.
5. The Golden Girls every night from 11pm-1am on Hallmark Channel (watching now!)
6. The three day weekend coming up! I really need it.
7. A week off from Religion class this week for the kids. SLEEPING IN THIS SATURDAY!
8. ChapStick!
9. Foundation to cover the awful bags I’ve been noticing under my eyes lately!
10. My normal blood tests :) See above.

What are you thankful for this week? Join in on the fun!


  1. Lovely blog :)
    I need to be more thankful too.
    I love your list :)
    Hope you are having fun with the blog hop :)
    Come follow me back :)

  2. Glad your results came back normal, great list!

    Showcase Sisters is now following you from Friendly Friday Blog Hop!

  3. Congratulations on your good news! I have to return to my primary for more blood tests due to a low white blood count. Ugh!
    I love those holiday Coffeemate flavors too.
    I stopped by courtesy of Colies Kitchen.

  4. I am a new follower!! Please check out my blog, and follow back!! I love the look of your blog!

  5. Yay for normal blood results!
    Following you from Following Friday! I'd love if you could follow me as well!

  6. Hello! I'm now following you from Following Friday! You can find me at:

    It's good to see good results come back from blood work! Do you have arthritis? If so, I have JIA & my vitamin D is low too!

  7. Glad they came back normal! Lovely blog! I stopped by from FFF. Following you now.



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