Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still healing

imageSamantha woke up this morning with a nasty eye again
I’m starting to wonder if these drops might not be doing the trick. So she stayed home from school one more day. She actually cried because she wanted to go to school. What a great kid! Tonight when she went to bed she seemed good, except her main pink eye eye is pretty raw around the outside from her constant rubbing and wiping with the tissues. She just can’t seem to stop wiping it, it’s driving her nuts. She’s like that about things – she has an issue with comfortableness (is that a word?). If something on her body is not fitting right, feeling right, laying right, too small, too big, etc… it drives her CRAZY and she cannot stop messing with it. David’s like that too.
They get that from their Daddy.
Rolling on the floor laughing
Love you, babe!

So, once again – as long as she’s alright in the morning, she’s going to school. Because like I said yesterday, she’s not contagious anymore. She’s gonna be buried in homework and I’m afraid she’s going to miss the fall festival tomorrow night! This is her last year at the Elementary School so we really hope she can go and enjoy this last one (even though we’ll still be going to them for the next four years with David) But this is HER last year as a student there, so it’s the principle of the thing…so here’s hoping. I just want everyone to be healthy again!!

Oh, and before I forget I want to wish a very Happy 7th Birthday to my adorable niece, Olivia!
Not that she will ever see this. Oh well, Happy Birthday sweetie!
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