Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A penny for your thoughts?

My son walked into the living room tonight, holding a penny in his hand and looking a tad upset.

"Um, Mama? I was showing Sammi how I can make a penny spin on its side, and I dropped it in the bathroom sink on accident and it went down the drain, and so I was wondering if maybe I can replace that penny with this penny…?”

My husband got up to inspect the bathroom sink and said he was going to have to get the penny out of there or the sink will clog. At this point, my son burst into tears and when we asked him what was wrong he wailed “I just feel like I’m in trouble!”. My husband reassured him that he wasn’t in trouble, but he needs to keep pennies away from the sinks from now on… I said “thank you for being honest and letting us know about it, buddy”, and he sobbed “you’re welcome” as he trudged to his bedroom, dropped the penny he’d been holding into his piggy bank, and then plopped on his bed and continued to cry. Then it clicked in my brain at the same time as it did in my husband’s – he said “Wait a minute David – did you mean that you want to give Mommy & Daddy a penny from your piggy bank to replace the one that went down the drain??” David nodded sadly and said “yes”…I melted as I realized – he felt guilty and wanted to pay us back for the penny that he dropped down the drain! You see, he’d found that penny on the kitchen table, and he knew it didn’t belong to him…

We told him to keep his little pennies in his piggy bank. It wasn’t a big deal.

What a sweet, and honest, little boy we have.


  1. You have such a sweet little boy. Don't they really melt your heart? I have a two year old who's so cuddly and fun. Everyday I get those "Awww" momments. I'm happily following you from the weekend blog hops. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. This is so sweet! Our children really can make us think. It is great that you and your husband figured out that he was paying you back for the other penny. Thank you for joining Mama's Little Nestwork! Don't forget to add the Nestwork button! Have a great day and welcome to the Nest!

    Mama Hen


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