Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

First order of business today was jack-o-lantern carving!

The kids have decided for the past couple of years that they’d rather draw and carve their own faces than use those pattern books.
Thank God, because those things are exhausting. And the kids do a great job on their own anyway…
See what I’m sayin?
Not too shabby ;)

My husband worked hard all day on getting his strategically placed smoke machine to have the right effect.
The smoke was supposed to slowly roll down the front steps, and when the wind wasn’t blowing it looked awesome!
Plus, he did a great job as always of decorating our lawn with the “haunted graveyard”.

Then it was time…

Every year we trick or treat with Kristen (Sammi’s BFF) and her brother Alex, who is in the same grade as David.

It was really cold out, much colder than any Halloween in recent memory. I think it was in the mid-30s.
At about 7:30, when it started hailing, David said “what are the clouds THINKING?!” and announced he was going home.
We took the boys home and the girls stayed out a little longer…

I can’t believe how old they are getting!

Once we were all home, the kids watched Garfield’s Halloween special, had some candy, and went to bed at nine.
I hate when Halloween falls on a school night. Although, that did give Jeff & me a chance to watch some of Ghost Hunter’s Live, which was filmed right in my hometown this year! Considering how the TAPS members talked so much about how cold it was in Buffalo tonight (more great press for a city that already gets a skewed rap for its weather), I hope their trip here was worthwhile and that the ghosts gave them some good evidence…some really creepy EVPs or something. But the scariest part of Halloween this year was trying to determine what things in David’s very full treat bag were going to be safe for him to eat. Thankfully, a friend of mine pointed me to a great website/blog with a very handy and thorough list of allergen information on almost every candy known to man. And I was surprised that I didn’t have to swap out all that much candy. Only 23 pieces, which were mostly things that stated they are “manufactured in a facility that also processes tree nuts”. Turns out that Halloween with tree-nut allergies isn’t so bad after all!
Just kidding


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