Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Going back to the scene…

David’s class went on a walking field trip to get ice cream at Anderson’s today.
They got to tour the inside of the store, learn a little about how the workers make and serve the ice cream for their customers, and then the kids got to have a small cone with some festive, autumn-colored sprinkles. I of course was paranoid and watched him like a hawk because Anderson’s is where we unexpectedly discovered he has a severe allergy to tree nuts. Yeah, that’s a blog post that has yet to be written. He is severely allergic to certain kinds of tree nuts, some of which are included in the “mixed nuts” Anderson’s uses for their hot fudge sundaes. Last May we found out about the allergy the hard way when he took one bite of a sundae, said it was “spicy”, and then over the next half hour proceeded to go into anaphylaxis. It could have been much worse, but it was very scary, and it was a night I will never forget. So today I stayed right behind him as he toured the store and I practically sat nose to nose with him as he ate his ice cream cone, making sure he didn’t have any problems. We took his school EpiPen with us just in case, and before he ate anything we made sure with the workers that the sprinkles never get mixed with or even get close to the mixed nuts. I am very happy to say that despite my Mommy paranoia, everything went well and he had a great time on his field trip with his little first grade friends and his faaaavorite teacher. He LOVES his teacher this year!

Meanwhile, Samantha stayed home again today to recover from her pink eye. She had a fever and sore throat earlier too, which thankfully have now gone away. I really thought she was coming down with something more, but we’re hoping to send her to school tomorrow as long as her eyes look ok in the morning. She shouldn’t be contagious anymore. Sadly, she missed musical rehearsal today. I’m hoping her awesome music teacher won’t hold it against her!

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