Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birthday Month

There are SO many birthdays that our family celebrates in October! First there’s my Mother, then my husband’s Grandmother and my brother-in-law’s girlfriend, and then our niece Olivia’s big day is right after theirs! Plus the kids were invited to a total of four friend birthday parties this month too. I honestly think October might be the most expensive month of the year…well, besides December of course. Anyway last night we celebrated Grandma Terry’s and Maria’s birthdays at my in-laws house with some delicious homemade lasagna! I really should get that recipe from my mother-in-law!
The night started out with my son telling everyone all about his new imaginary friend. I’ll save that story for another time. It’s really bugging me, although I’m told it shouldn’t because apparently it runs in the family. lol

The kids helped Grandma Terry & Maria blow out their candles. My poor little guy couldn’t have any cake, once again, because of the possibility of cross-contamination with tree nuts. It’s really such a shame that he has to miss out on so many treats now. But he’s kind of gotten used to it and he doesn’t even complain anymore. And he could have some of the ice cream, so that made him happy :)

We hope you both have a great actual Birthday on Monday!

And we’ll all be back here in one week to celebrate Olivia’s Birthday.
Yes Grandma & Grandpa are hosting that party as well, because David can’t go to Uncle Joe’s house since he has a cat…allergies really bite the big one!


  1. April is the OTHER big birthday month in the family, just six months away.

    The lasagna recipe is on the Wegmans Lasagna box. It's a "no boil" recipe and very easy to make!

  2. Love the pictures with the glasses!

    New follower from Surfin' Saturday!


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