Thursday, September 30, 2010

Waiting for Results

Today was THE busiest day so far of the super busy week I’ve had. First of all - Samantha & I went to the Cookie Kick Off tonight and got ready to start selling Girl Scout cookies. Sale starts tomorrow! Tonight went alright, but it was the most chaotic thing ever! There were probably 300-400 little girls and very pushy Mommies in one tiny banquet hall. My daughter was pretty stressed by the time it was all over – she hates big crowds. But we stayed and went around to all of the activity tables to get her passport signed and she EARNED her Cookie Rally patch :) Now we need to get her a vest to put these little patches on! I’m still in the process of trying to find a new troop for her to join, I hope to talk to someone in the morning about it to get the ball rolling :)

Also, today I finally went for my blood tests. They’re testing me for a number of things to find out why I’ve been so incredibly tired and run-down. But I can almost guarantee that a lot of it is attributed to my Morphea. Anyway, they took six gigantic vials of blood :-( I’m normally alright for blood tests, but by the time she got to the sixth vial I was seriously feeling like I was going to pass out. They gave me some orange juice, had me put my head down for a while and told me I could call tomorrow or Monday to see if any results were in. They said my doctor won’t call me unless the results show something significantly abnormal…so I REALLY don’t want my phone to ring! Please keep me in your thoughts for the next few days!!!

The Two Savvy Sisters

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