Sunday, August 22, 2010

12 Hour Road Trip

For my first mini-vacation of the summer, my husband had an idea. Instead of taking the kids to Darien Lake to make up for the rain-out in July, let’s go to Cleveland for the day! Yeah I thought it was a random idea too, but it was a great one. He got the idea from one of his Facebook friends who had recently made the trip herself. We were on the road (at Timmy Ho’s drive thru) at 8 am. My kids were thrilled to be venturing outside the great state of NY for the first time in their lives!

They brought some friends (who they are rarely without)
along for the trip.

It was exciting to visit Pennsylvania…for a whole half hour while we drove.
My son said Pennsylvania’s power line holders look like big dresses.
I had to agree.
Even when the kids got bored on the 3 1/2 hour drive, they occupied themselves nicely.

Almost there!

Our first stop was the “
A Christmas Story” house!


Christmas Story House

I had no idea it had been turned in to a tourist attraction!

That movie is a legend!

Look! You can even see the leg lamp – electric sex gleaming in the window. Which is weird because I thought that thing was buried in the backyard ;)

Electric sex gleaming in the window! 
I wasn’t in time to catch it, but my son did the exact same thing Ralphie did ~ ran his up the back of the leg. lol
It's a major award
Fragiiileee! That must be Italian!  
This is where you wait for Daddy to come home and kill Ralphie

The boys’ bedroom

It must be great to sit where greatness once sat ;)

This is me being a dork


The backyard where Ralphie nearly shot his eye out

And the mailbox where Ralphie waited for his secret decoder ring
Walking down the street in the Parkers’ neighborhood was almost too much greatness for Mommy to handle. On to the next!

Our next stop was the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame…my husband of course, being a guitar player, was very excited about that. I think the kids were looking forward to that more than the Christmas Story house, too. lol

We went in circles for about half an hour in downtown Cleveland, trying to find the Rock Hall. If you look at the GPS below, you can see that she (we call her Betty) was just as confused as we were. That was by far the BEST part of the trip! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time :)


This stadium was probably laughing at us.
We drove around it six times.
Cleveland Browns Stadium

This is a good sign!

Cleveland’s waterfront is much more inviting than Buffalo’s.
Cleveland Waterfront 

Exterior view of the Rock Hall. So yeah, we found it!
Pretty unique!
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

No photos are allowed in the Rock Hall except in the lobby :(
How silly.
That put a serious damper on the fun for me.

Me & the kiddies with Michael

Jeff with John & George (I didn’t come up with that, he did :)

After a long and fun day, we headed home with some new mugs and t-shirts…and a couple of sleepy, happy kids.

…and a coffee from Burger King that was smiling at me.

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