Thursday, July 1, 2010

Double Digits

Sorry it took me a few days to post this. 
I’m still recovering from this weekend ;)

The night before her actual birthday, we let our daughter have the first Slumber Party of her life. Yeah, that’s right – the first. We held that off as long as we could.
She invited six of her BFFs from school. All six showed.
Oh yeah - holy fun-ness!
  The Psychotic Six
Listen, I tried to be the fun Mom. I tried. I think that I didn’t totally fail, but one of these kids had us at our wits end and we came very close to sending her home. She was driving the other girls crazy too, and no one was having a good time for a while. NOT COOL. But what do you do about a ten year old girl who is a guest in your home for the night and she snottily smirks at you when you politely tell her she needs to calm down or she’s going home? More on that in a later post… 
The next day, we rented a bouncy house and the rest of the party friends came over. We had fourteen kids here and thankfully (except for a couple sprinkles) the rain held off until JUST AFTER the party. The skies opened up not even a half hour after her last guest went home.
Thank you, God!

These make me giggle. They’re so fun! 



Some crazy person named Mommy got in on the fun too.
What a weirdo she was. 
All that really matters is that my sweetie said this was THE BEST birthday party she ever had! 
I’m glad it was record breaking for her, because by next year at this time we still won’t have enough energy to pull off one of these insanity-fests again. Maybe next year, we’ll just go back to Bounce Magic ;)

The following night, we had our relaxing, little, laid-back, relaxing family b-day party.

Did I mention it was relaxing?