Saturday, June 26, 2010

One Whole Decade

On the eve of my little girl’s tenth birthday,
I thought I’d share this little slideshow that I made.

Get the tissues ready!

(p.s. I know you’re gonna ask, so ~ I made it at OneTrueMedia :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

School’s Out!

Another long summer has begun!
My kids are officially 1st and 5th graders.
Not sure what this summer holds for us, except soccer and clarinet lessons, and hopefully a little time off of work for me to enjoy some of the summer with my family. Whatever happens this summer, I really hope to finally take my kids to Hanna’s for ice cream. Forget Dairy Queen & Anderson’s, Hanna’s has always had a special place in my heart. I went there at least once a week when I was growing up, and I always got the same thing ~ a vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles…
Mmmmm, now that’s summer to me.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting to Know You Sunday

Getting to know YOU

The questions…~ from Keely at :o) 

1. While at the beach, pool, etc..Do you cover up your assets or show them off? Yeah…well I’ve had two kids and two c-sections…and I nursed. I cover up as much as possible. Not that I ever go to the beach or pool, lol.

2. Road trips or Plane trips? I’ve only ever flown to NYC and back, and from where I live that’s only a 45 minute flight, but I loved flying. Plane trips for sure. Road trips are exhausting.

3. I can't stand it when...? People get “their”, “there” and “they’re” mixed up…or “you’re” and “your”…not cool, man. Not cool.

4. Have you ever gone topless at the beach? Please see my answer to number 1. lol yikes.

5. How many blog carnivals do you do a week? If you mean linky parties ~ lots! I’m still new at it all but I think the idea was ingenious.

6. My favorite thing about the weekend is...? The sleepovers I have with my kiddos. Pretty much every Friday or Saturday, we set up our pillows and blankets in the living room, have snacks and watch movies :) It won’t be long before they won’t like hangin out with Mommy, so I’m thankful for it now.

7. Pancakes or waffles? POTATO pancakes. With apricot syrup. Delicious.

8. Water Park or Amusement Park? Water Park! I love the one at Darien Lake…and I remember thinking Cedar Point’s water park was really amazing, although I haven’t been there since 1993, so…it may have changed.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Soccer Boy

My little guy started soccer today!

He did GREAT! He learned all sorts of moves - all of which I have completely forgotten the names of now...hmm. He caught onto everything pretty quickly and he really had a good time. And he's on Team PURPLE! He'd rather be on Team Orange, but Mommy thinks he looks so freakin' cute in purple ;) Goes better with the hair...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shutter Love Tuesday ~ Stuffed Animals

This week's Shutter Love Tuesdays
theme is Stuffed Animals!
I decided to join in this week because I have SO many pictures of my kids with their beloved stuffed animals - mostly my daughter with her precious Wilbur the pig, who she has had since she was three...this is one of the cutest of the two of them. He's been VERY loved.

This pic is an oldie, but a goodie ;)
She probably will have him forever...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goodbye, Rue

I was so sad to hear about the sudden (well, relatively sudden) passing of our beloved Blanche Devereaux…

I mean Rue McClanahan.

I’m pretty much a Golden Girls fanatic and I think Rue was such a talented, hilarious actress ~ although I’m happy to be able to say that I am too young to have seen her in anything other than the GG. I started watching the show with my mom when I was about nine years old, and although I didn’t get most of the very adult jokes, I instantly LOVED it. On top of the humor, there was just something SO comforting about the whole dynamic of the show and its characters. It’s hard to explain, but I know that other crazy fans like me know just what I mean. And now my own nine year old likes to watch it with me! To this day, no matter how crappy I may be feeling about whatever is going on in my life, I can turn on the GG and my mood instantly improves. (fyi, it’s on the Hallmark Channel every week night from 11pm to 1am)

So now, Betty is the only one left :-( So sad.
But I do LOVE this picture…
May the force be with you, Rose. I mean Betty.

And now, in tribute to Rue, here is a video
of my very favorite Blanche scene...

Friday, June 4, 2010

"It's Friday, I'm in Love" Series

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

Anyway, for the "It's Friday, I'm in Love" Series,
here are a couple things I am in love with this Friday...
 My new and ever-growing daisy garden.
Seeing these little beauties pop up was a surprise to me.
I absolutely adore white daisies. 
I am also in love with French Vanilla cappuccino, which my loving husband surprised me with this morning before work. No, this isn't a picture of it, but it's so freakin' cute isn't it?! Can someone make me one of these??

The Sims 3 Ambitions, which just came out on Tuesday.
You can be a GHOST HUNTER!
I am such a dork, but I don't care. I love it.
And yes I already bought it...