Wednesday, May 19, 2010

{A Prayer for NieNie}

There is a woman out there in this ordinary world who I find incredibly remarkable and inspirational – her name is Stephanie Nielson.  I have followed her blog ~ NieNie Dialogues ~  for a long time now. She is a plane crash survivor. In August of 2008, she was in a small airplane crash with her husband in Utah. Stephanie was severely burned over the majority of her body, yet she and her husband narrowly survived to tell the tale. The pilot, who was also their friend, was not so fortunate. Stephanie was a faithful and entertaining blogger long before her plane crashed…and she continues on now, telling the world about her long and often painful journey. She’s a wonderful mother of four sweet children. She’s been on Oprah to share her story as well. She hardly ever feels sorry for herself. Many people would have given up if they had to face even a fraction of what she has faced. Yet, Stephanie is thankful for her continued life and honestly, I think she LIVES a hell of a lot more than most people do! Anyway I just read her most recent post. Right now, she is in Phoenix with her husband, far away from her darling children, awaiting yet another surgery and procedure – and there is a good chance that this time she will go into a coma before it’s over.
You can read her story here.
I ask and encourage everyone out there to pray for her…
she is being brave, but her children need her to come home as soon as she possibly can.
NieNie, you don’t know me, but I just want to tell you that I think you are an amazing inspiration to people (especially Mommies) everywhere, and I pray for the best for you and your family!!!!
Nielson Family

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