Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1st Flower

The first flower of the year to bloom in our home…
Sprouted from a remnant of a
Mother’s Day plant my kids gave me last year. I think these are Impatiens..maybe?

Anyway, it really made me smile today when I needed it!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

{My beautiful new toy}

  Last night, my hubby asked me if I could please fold the load of towels that was waiting in the living room while he made dinner. It was the last load of laundry waiting to be folded. I admit, I did not rush to do the job :) But eventually I went in the living room and saw a GIANT load of towels sitting in the middle of the room. Woohoo! So, as I went to grab the first towel, I sensed something was off…there was something more solid in this basket. I moved the towels around and found this waiting for me in the middle of the basket:
Meet SuperMillsy

An early birthday present!………VERY early. It’s kinda ridiculous how happy it made me. To my loving Hubby and Kids: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! And even though you refuse to use it, I am willing to share this computer with you…after I hog it for a month or two first…just kidding!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sammi’s First Dinner

Samantha made a delicious Italian dinner with Daddy tonight. I’m told she originally wanted to surprise me with it when I got home from work on Friday but the oven wasn’t co-operating…(we’re getting a new oven SOON. The one we have now is probably as old as the house). Anyway, so when the kids got home from their Grandma & Grandpa sleepover today, they played for a while and then Samantha was very excited to get to work on this beautiful masterpiece…
Stuffed Shells, linguine noodles with meat sauce, garlic bread and salad!
By candlelight! Everything was delicious, and she was very proud of herself. Oh how I love this girl!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

To Fisher Price We Go!

  This past weekend we took the kids on a little outing to the Fisher Price Toy Store in East Aurora – this was David’s first time there. We brought Sammi there once when she was a little baby, so in a sense it was her first time there too because of course she didn’t remember it. We went there with a couple of things in mind. David still had birthday money to spend and he’s been wanting the Geotrax Grand Central Station for over a year now. We can NEVER find it anywhere. We figured if anyone was going to have it, it would be the Fisher Price official Toy Store…but surprisingly – it wasn’t there either! :-( I guess we’ll have to order it online if we ever do get it for him. Samantha – the girly girl that she is, wanted to look for some Geotrax toys herself. She LOVES to play with David’s trains with him and Daddy, building a new layout pretty much every day. But first she had her fun drooling over this pretty awesome Ford Mustang Power Wheels… 
Yep…and then David did this for a while…
He liked showing me how the doors opened & closed
and how all the lights flashed all around…

But then he did also look at some “boy toys” :)   lol
He ended up with some new Geotrax toys, a Bumble Bee Transformer hand thing and a Mach 6 car thingy (don’t ask…that’s as specific as I get - I know nothing about boy toys!) And Samantha picked out her own Geotrax so now they make GIGANTIC layouts in David’s room that take up the entire floor. I have yet to figure out how to get a good picture of the whole room all set up with layouts. I may have to stand on his bed…
Anyway, the kids had a great day. Thankfully, they didn’t seem as disappointed as I was in the Fisher Price Toy Store. I really thought I remembered that place being much bigger than it actually is!!! In my opinion, good old Toys ‘R Us around the corner is the way to go. Saves a lot on gas too.